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I live on a small farm in central Illinois. I have raised all kinds of livestock and pets. On these pages you will see some of the babies I have been blessed with. Each one is special in their own way. I have a small fold of Scottish Highland cattle and two other mini cows as well. There are miniature horses and donkeys from 30-34" tall. I have raised all kinds of goats and am now back to Nubian dairy goats where my father and I started 40 years ago. I have different breeds of chickens, bantams and ducks. I will at times have goat kids, calves, mini donkeys, and mini horses for sale. In 2015 I plan on having a few varieties of chickens and bantams for sale as well.

I am working on my website and will add more pages in a few days so check back often!

Located in Central Illinois
Phone: 217 469-7433


These farm pages are dedicated to the memory of my parents, Jim and Pearl.  They both loved the farm and all the animals so much, from Mom's cockatiels to Dad's cows. I was truly blessed for all they taught me and to have them as my parents. 

For more information call 217 469-7433 or email becky@fisherspride.com

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