I have always loved cows. My Dad raised cattle his whole life. He milked when he was young and told how he carried milk in those big milk cans we now call "antiques". When I was young he raised beef cattle on the feed lot. I got my first cow when I was 14. She lived to be 17 and raised me some fine baby calves. I always helped my Dad with the cattle and for him bigger was better. I saw some pictures in a farm magazine a long time ago of little cows and new some day that's what I wanted. Then I saw some long haired cows and that was all it took! I have two miniature cows about 41" tall and a small fold of beautiful Scottish Highland cattle. My Highlands are the more traditional type with shorter legs. They stand 42"-46" tall. They are still a beef breed just smaller and very docile. At least that's what I'm telling myself as I try to halterbreak these cows!!!
The cows pictured below are my breeding stock and they are not for sale.

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miniature Hereford/Lowline cross cow

This is Shirley.  She is a Lowline, Miniature Hereford cross. Shirley  has produced some really nice calves. She is about 40/41 inches tall. She goes anywhere I ask her to, but she isn't halterbroke. Her calves have all been under 22" at birth.
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miniature Hereford/Lowline/Dexter cross cow

This is Myrtle May. She is Shirley's 2010 calf. Her father was a 35" Dexter.  She is about 40/41" tall. Myrtle May is one of the first to meet you at the gate and is sure you're only there to see her!  She has produced both polled and horned calves. They have all been under 22" at birth.


miniature black scottish highland

This is my beautiful Hannah. She is 100% Scottish Highland. Her color is black with red highlights. Hannah is pictured here at 3 yrs. old. She was my first heifer and had a rough start. She was covered in burrs, full of lice and in bad need of food. All that's behind her now and she's grown quite well. Hannah loves to be brushed and she absolutly loves those apple horse treats!! She is about 45-46 inches tall.

miniature silver Scottish Highland cow

This is Ginny. She is a beautiful silver colored 100% Scottish Highland. Her hair is thicker than all the others and she loves to be brushed. When I got her she was the wildest of all my heifers, but she is one of my sweetest now. Ginny is about 45/46" tall. She is registered.

Miniature red Scottish Highland cow

This is Meghan, my beautiful 100% red Scottish Highland.  She hadn't been handled when I got her, but was tame from the beginning and such a sweetheart. Meghan is about 46/47" tall. She is also registered.

39" black Highland-Dexter cross cow

This is Dixie. She is Hannah's 2010 calf. For some reason Hannah didn't have milk the first time around so I bottle fed Dixie. What a blessing she has been! Dixie was 19" tall and 27 lbs. when born. Her father was a 35" Dexter. Being only half Highland her hair sheds off more in the summer, but she is plenty shaggy in the winter. She will have calves out of my Highland bull so her offspring will be 3/4 Scottish Highland 1/4 Dexter.

Small black Highland-Dexter cross cow

This precious little girl is Nelly! She is Hannah's 2013 calf. She is half Dexter. Nelly was smaller than Dixie when she was born. She has the same red highlights as her mother and sister. She is about 39/40 inches tall at 4 years old.

43" Dun Brindle Scottish Highland Bull


This is my Highland bull. He was born August of 2008. He is about 47 inches tall. Duncan is a dun brindle in color and has given me all colors of calves. He is very calm and has been halter broke. Duncan has been dehorned.  I'm hoping he is done growing now and will stay docile. 



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