These kids have all been sold but show the colors in my line.

Paint buck $125 SOLD

♥  ♥  ♥
This little buck was born mid summer.
His mother is a blue roan and his
father is Clancy. He probably won't
be ready to breed until the end
of the year.
His price is $125 cash.  SOLD
♥  ♥  ♥


This is Nettie's buck, born 3-31-16. His father is Bullseye. His Grandmother is Lucy and great Grandmother is Katie. Both grandfathers and great grandfather were spotted as well. I don't know how he missed having spots but he surely should throw spots. He's a friendly calm buck and ready to breed with.
His price is $150 cash. SOLD


This nice brown doe is Lizzie's Grandaughter. Her mother is Bridget and father is Clancy. She was born 4-1-16. Her twin sister is a brown moonspotted doe that I will keep to breed. This is another one that missed her spots, but bred to the right buck should throw either black or brown moonspotted babies.
Her price is $200 cash. SOLD  


These kids are all does. The first picture shows all 3 together. The second is of the light red roan doe and the light red roan spotted doe. The third pic is of the red doe with a small white patch. These girls were born 3 months ago, when it was really hot and are not as big for their age as my winter kids. They are bottle babies and are now ready to go. They will not be ready to breed until next fall. Since I don't have any others this size I am pricing them together.
All three does for $350 cash. SOLD

#1 BUCK $175

This is Lizzies buck. He is a twin. His father is Clancy. His beautiful spots should add color to any line. He was bottle fed so he is very friendly!
He is ready to go!
$175 SOLD

#2 DOE $275

This beautiful big girl in front is Zoey's doe. Not only is she a looker but she is tall and thick. She will make a wonderful milker. Her father is Clancy. She is ready for a new home. $275. SOLD 

#3 DOE $200 SOLD

#4 BUCK $175 SOLD

These two kids are Margie's twins. The father is Bullseye. The kid on the left is her doe. She is $200. SOLD. The kid on the right is her buck. He is a very solid thick buck. His color is red roan with small white spots on one side and a white patch on the other.  
His price is $175. SOLD

#5 DOE $200

This doe is one of Mabel's triplets. Her shiney black coat has brown trim. She is a sweetheart. She was fed on a bottle and is ready for a new home anytime. Her father is Bullseye.
$200. SOLD

#6 BUCK $150

This big boy is another of Mabel's triplets. He is solid and THICK! He has shades of brown with black highlights, but I don't see any spots. His father is Bullseye. He will be ready for a new home April 2nd. $150 SOLD

#7 DOE $200 SOLD

#8 BUCK $175 SOLD

These two kids are Martha's. Their father is Bullseye. The one on the left is her doe. She is a light red roan and should look like her grandma Ginger. She was a bottle baby and is very friendly. Her price is $200. She is SOLD. The kid on the right is a buck. He is a very nice spotted red roan paint, friendly and being dam raised. He has some black coming thru on the shoulders and is going to be a colorful buck. He would make an excellent sire for milk and color. He is ready to go. His price is $175. SOLD

#9 DOE $225

 This is another big doe kid. She has a nice calm disposition. She is thick and tall. She will make a nice big doe to milk. I know she's just brown but her background has spots and paints in it. Her father is Bullseye. $225. SOLD 

#10 DOE $225

This long tall girl is Lucy's baby. Her father is Clancy. Lots of milk in her background. I was surprised she didn't have more color. She is very friendly and will make a nice milker. She was a bottle baby and is ready to go anytime. Her price is $225. SOLD

#11 BUCK $175

This handsome boy to the left is the second of Lucy's twin kids. His father is Clancy. Lots of color behind him as well as milk. He has black coming through his brown coloring now, so he will be a tricolored buck. This boy is long and solid. He will make a wonderful breeder or 4H goat.
His price is $175. SOLD


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